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Litera Japan provides expertise and venues to help conduct risk communication and stakeholder involvement.
Click Corporate Profile LJ 2016 0522 for a short introduction to the company [PDF File].

・Litera Japan collaborates with the University of Stuttgart and Dialogik gGmbH (Germany), both of which are led by Professor Ortwin Renn. Dr Nishizawa went to Germany as a DAAD scholarship holder and a visiting scientist at the Akademie fuer Technikfolgenabschaetzung Baden-Wuertemberg (TA-Akademie) whilst carrying out her PhD. After complition of her PhD in 2002, she then worked as a postdoctoral scholar of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, then as an independent project leader at the University of Stuttgart until 2005.
Dr Nishizawa is an expert in charge of risk communication programmes for Japan at Dialogik gGmnH.

・Litera Japan launced a new research project in 2008 on risk communicatino about wind energy generation in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and the University of Stuttgart. This project ended in early 2011.

・Dr Nishizawa has involved a range of international projects on risk communication, such as OECD’s systemic risk project (2003), European Food Safety Authority’s Safe Food Project(2004), an international seminar about risks from mobile phone by Germany’s BfS (German Federal Office for Radiation Protection) and Japan Science and Technology Council (2005). Her latest contribution to international activities includes “Risk Governance of Maritime Global Critical Infrastructure Report” by the International Risk Governance Council (2011).

・Outside Japan, Dr Nishizawa is also often invited to international conferences as an invited speaker to deliver a talk on risk communication. Recent talks include a invited talk at a food conference in Taiwan (2014) and a talk on risk communication in Fukushima at SRA Asia conference in Taiwan (2014).  She is also active in delivering speeches at international workshops and conferences such as SRA Europe conference in Istanbul (2014). In February 2015, Litera Japan organised a risk seminar in Geneve, Switzerland to discuss the risks from mobile phone.

Litera Japan regulary gives invited speeches on risk communication for the subjects such as EMF/ELF, asbestos and food safety in Seoul/Taipei.

・Handbook for risk literacy
・Study on a correlation between risk-related information and people’s risk perception
・Scientists explain science
・Risk perception of food safety
・Studies on correlation between risk information and risk perception
・Global research on the management of chemicals / nano-particiles
・Global research on communicating risks about mobile phones
・Research in the field of psychiatry
・Risk communication on X-ray
・Risk communication for post 3.11 accident in Fukushima

・Dr Nishizawa is Advisor for risk communication in Iitate Village, Fukushima since September 2011.
She was involved in drafting a resolution paper on reconstruction of the village life, and conducts
a range of risk communication practices for local residents.

・Wind power generation