[IAEA]Public communication 放射線関連緊急時のコミュニケーション

[IAEA]Public communication 放射線関連緊急時のコミュニケーション

過去に西澤がコンサルタントとして草案作りに関わったIAEAのGeneral Safety Guide IAEA GSG-14 (2020)を再度掲載します。正式な和訳はありません。

This is linked to the IAEA’s Safety guide, IAEA GSG-14 (2020) which Nishizawa has drafted with colleagues from the member countries.

Arrangements for public communication in preparedness and response for a nuclear or radiological emergency (iaea.org)


Proceedings of an International Conference Held in Vienna, Austria, 22–26 February 2016. Human and Organizational Aspects of Assuring Nuclear Safety — Exploring 30 Years of Safety Culture 18-03861_P1810_book.indb (iaea.org)

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