[Talk] World Bank’s Risk “hackathon” 世界銀行主催イベント登壇

[Talk] World Bank’s Risk “hackathon” 世界銀行主催イベント登壇



June 16 – 21, 2024Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, JAPAN

Understanding Risk | UR24 (understandrisk.org)


The Risk Know-How Project, led by Sense About Science in collaboration with the Institute for the Public Understanding of Risk, and supported by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, aims to helping practitioners to get access to and use this knowledge to help their communities manage risks. The Risk Know-How platform connects practitioners to global risk experts who can help them with specific problems.〇About the Hackathon〇This hackathon will present participants with some real-life problems that communities are facing and have them try to come up with specific solutions that help these community practitioners communicate the risks effectively but also share risk know-how with their community. Any proposed solutions will be presented to the communities and they will be invited to ask for support from the Risk Know-How project to help deliver resources to address the challenges.At the hackathon, the facilitators will introduce the session and the concept of community risk practitioners. We will share some short case studies of the challenges they face and some examples of how some communities met those challenges. We will then share in detail the two specific help requests, with the help of the community risk practitioners themselves (either in person or online):Water quality risk for a community in MexicoManaged retreat for a coastal community in New ZealandHackathon participants will then be divided into groups, and each group will be allocated one challenge. The session facilitators will also provide each group with a series of questions to help narrow down what form of support might be more useful. Participants will then have 2.5 hours to develop a solution for the community such as an outline or complete resource/training/material that can help address the problem. Each group will present their proposed solutions to a panel of practitioners who will provide feedback at the end of the Hackathon.After the conclusion of the event, the organising team will write up a report summarising the proposed solutions and provide this to the risk practitioners in Mexico and New Zealand.https://ipur.nus.edu.sg/…/risk-know-how-hackathon…/

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